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GALAXY will be a chance for retired SUPERNOVA teams to host their own show for a month, inviting teams and acts from all around NYC to come and perform with them, continuing the tradition of the program.

Just like SUPERNOVA was a way for people to experience house teams and stepping outside their comfort zone, GALAXY will be an experiment in autonomy, the teams hosting themselves, free to do what they want.

For the first month of October, the first SUPERNOVA team to host will be FLYNT!

7:00 PM

Hero Show

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7:00 PM

Hero Show

“Watch comedians from all over New York City play with their heroes: The Hero Show! These people are already living their dreams so come watch them have the time of their lives. Hosted by Nicholas Feitel!

“On The Offensive” is one of the most unique comedy shows running in New York City and was voted “Best Stand-up Show” at The Creek. Now in its third year, O.T.O combines stand-up and off-the-cuff riffing on popular internet videos featuring the best comedians New York City has to offer. After each comic finishes their set, the audience will then screen an online video clip that the comic will provide ruthless commentary on. This show is not for the politically correct. Hosted by Mike Feeney.

Henry Zebrowski, Ben Kissel, and Marcus Parks of Cave Comedy Radio’s Last Podcast On The Left invite you to join them as they explore the dark recesses of humanity both real and imagined live onstage once a month, featuring short films, clips from our favorite features, and audio spookiness. 

The guys who brought you sketches that wound up featured on FunnyOrDie, Huffington Post Comedy and some nationally syndicated TV show that airs at 4AM in Utah, are proud to bring a show to The Creek and The Cave in Long Island City. (AT MIDNIGHT ON ASATURDAY EVEN!) Join us as we present our favorite live comedy in one of New York’s most beloved comedy venues. Stand-Up. Sketch. Improv. Characters. Like Kevin Garnett said “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” 

(60 min show)